2016 Trend: Dessert Stations

Parties with less formal dessert stations are perfect groups that want to get up and mingle, dance and drink after dinner. A major trend heading into a our busy 2016 season will be custom dessert stations inspired by crave-worthy treats, seasonal favorites, and fun interactive sweet-endings that will give your guests something to remember.
Yes you heard me correctly – doughnuts are not just a morning snack anymore! (Hooray!) We have been seeing more and more delicious doughnut stations, towers, and doughnut bars popping up at our events and they aren’t going away anytime soon. Willowdale Estate has offered a passed mini-doughnut for quite some time but the desire doughnuts is strong and as you can see in the photos below full size doughnuts look great as a dessert station!

A 2016 wedding trend we love is the doughnut bar! These custom doughnuts were made by the culinary team at Willowdale Estate  - willowdaleestate.com    We love a good doughnut dessert station for weddings and events- guests will love you! willowdaleestate.comA 2016 wedding trend we love is the doughnut bar! These doughnuts were made by the culinary team at Willowdale Estate  - willowdaleestate.comThese to-go boxes filled with doughnuts are the perfect dessert and wedding favor all in one! At a Willowdale Estate wedding in Massachusetts - willowdaleestate.com

Photos: Xu Liu Photography

One thing that we love about New England is each season has a new array of flavors to highlight. In the fall we see pumpkins, pies, and our favorite ‘pick’ from a recent wedding was a caramel apple bar. This station offered apple slices on dipping sticks with hot chocolate or hot caramel sauces and toppings like pretzel, oreo, and nuts. Don’t forget the chalkboard signs, and our epic farm cart and this station has some serious fall in New England vibes.

The caramel apple bar at a fall wedding at Willowdale Estate- New England's favorite historic venue in Topsfield, Massachusetts willowdaleestate.com    The perfect dessert for a fall wedding - a caramel apple station! This custom candy apple bar is from a wedding at Willowdale Estate, a venue north of Boston willowdaleestate.comA caramel apple bar complete with toppings like nuts, pretzels, chocolate or caramel sauce. At a fall Willowdale Estate wedding north of Boston, Massachusetts - willowdaleestate.com

 Photos: Dan Aguirre

The end of the night is a great time for a do-it-yourself style dessert. Your guests have already filled up during cocktail hour and dessert and they most likely will not all rush to get dessert at the same time because they could be off catching up with someone who did sit at their table or getting down on the dance floor!
The S’mores Station pictured below is the perfect example of good things coming to those who wait. The perfectly toasted (or even slightly charred) marshmallow is a fun activity for the end of the night when guests are no longer worried about getting a little messy. It’s also worth mentioning that the witty instructional sign options for this one are endless – “Roast a mallow and party s’more”, “We go together like marshmallows and flame”, “You thought it was over? Gimme S’more!”, “Let’s get TOASTED”, “S’more love”, “One more reason to party s’more”, and there is one for every kind of party trust me just take a look on pinterest.

Summer bride and groom share a s'mores bar moment under the bistro lights at Willowdale Estate, a wedding and event venue north of Boston, Massachusetts - willowdaleestate.com

Photo: Kelly Lorenz


Date: April 14th, 2016

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