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EVENT DECOR: Candles, Candles & More Candles

There are few things that are more timeless than a room accented by the warm glow of candles. With the array of events we have at Willowdale Estate, we find that candles play a vital part in creating an event that is impossible to forget for your guests. Read more for the top 3 reasons why we think candles will always be a timeless choice for your event!


Date: April 20th, 2017


When it comes to creating the perfect environment for your event, lighting can be an afterthought. Depending on the time of day for the event and the time of year, your event might start in full daylight and end under the stars. Adding ambient lighting as part of the party décor can create a magical transformation to the look feel of the party space. Here are a few of our favorite ways to add some glimmer and gleaming light to your next event!


It may seem too simple but a small votive, lantern, birdcage, jar or hurricane vase with a real flame or LED candle is the perfect accent that looks great during daylight hours, and can transform into more of a focal point with a warm ambient mood at nighttime.

View More: http://cmcphoto.pass.us/jill--keith A lovely cage lantern with sunflowers and candles for a summer wedding at Willowdale Estate - willowdaleestate.com (266x400) Simple shelf decor with lavendar and candles for an outdoor food station at Willowdale Estate - willowdaleestate.com (267x400) Pretty iron lanter centerpiece with candles and floral details added for a winter wedding at Willowdale Estate - willowdaleestate.com (267x400)

(Photos from top left to bottom right: Christina Corneau, Bharat Parmar, Somerby Jones, and Joyelle West)


Indoor events at Willowdale Estate are known for their warm glow coming from the chandeliers and wall sconces but we also add twinkle lights outside in some winter months, and decorate our iconic Great Room mantle in the month of December. One trick we have used for multiplying the appearance of reflective light is by using vessels with mirrored or metallic surfaces. This will not only give off light from within, but reflect the light coming from other candles or lights in the room.

Holiday decor on the mantle with reflective modern lanters, candles and birch in the great room at Willowdale Estate - willowdaleestate.com (800x532) Candles and white lantern for our entryway table in the foyer at Willowdale Estate - willowdaleestate.com (800x533)

(Photos from top to bottom: Bharat Parmar, and Jamison Wexler)


For outdoor events in our Garden Courtyard or Sperry Tent, we love the use of paper lanterns, bistro lights, colored uplights and more modern installations like chandeliers, grapevine spheres with twinkle lights, pinspot lighting, and a patterned lighting design on the tent canopy or a monogram on the dance floor.

Sring bistro lights and grapevine spheres hanging from our Sperry Tent at at Willowdale Estate - willowdaleestate.com (266x400) Cocktail in the garden courtyard with bistro lights and a bar under the stars at Willowdale Estate - willowdaleestate.com (267x400) A summer event in a sperry tent with bistro lights over the garden courtyard and ambient uplights under the tent at Willowdale Estate - willowdaleestate.com (800x533)

(Photos from top to bottom: Bharat Parmar, Lisa Rigby, Kivalo Photography)

So take a moment to consider light before hosting your next event- and if you need more suggestions or inspiration check out our latest pins from events in all seasons here: Willowdale Estate on Pinterest

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Date: January 15th, 2016