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What You Should Know Before You Go

We get to meet lots of couple that have JUST gotten engaged and are excited about finding the perfect location to celebrate! I can tell you from experience that many of these couples aren’t sure what they need to know before they start the search for a venue – so we thought it would be helpful to share THREE things you should know before you go on your first site tour! (more…)

Date: July 22nd, 2016
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Still deciding on the color theme for your wedding? Become inspired with these spring inspired color palettes and some tips to integrate them into your event!


Date: May 27th, 2016


In the first installment our new series of posts we will cover some of our most frequently asked client questions! First order of business is to discuss the options for hotels and inns in our area. This is a huge topic and we have a lot of recommendations based on where the majority of your guests are traveling from, and what kind of experience you want them to have. For that reason – let this first post be “Part 1” of a series of great insider information about these locations!
The first destination is a historic, coastal city just 20 minutes north of Willowdale Estate. In Massachusetts, Newburyport is known as a popular destination for shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and most notably the scenic beauty of the seaport and beaches.

essex street inn view from street newburyport ma inn close to willowdale estate topsfield ma (800x450)

Essex Street Inn has everything you could want from a downtown hotel- the perfect location, plenty of character and a comfortable place retreat to after a busy day of activity. With 37 unique rooms in three historic buildings Essex Street Inn is one of the largest accommodations in the downtown area that works with clients to reserve the amount of space need- anywhere from the entire Inn, a single building, or a smaller room block. Here are some insider details from my recent visit with Kathy Ross, the Events and Business Administration Manager.


Choosing a destination city for the guests at your event is a great opportunity to curate an entire experience around your wedding or event. Imagine your guests checking in and being able to gather for a welcome drink or rehearsal dinner within walking distance of the accommodation. Some clients also schedule a post-event gathering like a brunch, beach day, or whale watch! Bringing your guests to a city like Newburyport is giving them an immersive experience into New England history, culture and lifestyle that they will remember as an important part of their stay.

newburyport inn with nautical suite with working fireplace near willowdale estate topsfield ma (800x450)

My tour of the property began in the central building, decorated with beautiful antique furniture and comfortable common areas. Each room is truly unique cheerful wall colors and local art on the walls. The photo above is of one of the suites with a nautical theme, I loved the large windows and working fireplace in the room! Many of the upper suites including the Bridal Suite and Honeymoon Suites have large common areas and roof decks with views of the nearby ocean and seaport areas.


Newburyport is just 35 miles north of Boston, where the Merrimac River meets with the Atlantic Ocean. Getting to Newburyport from Willowdale Estate is an easy scenic drive north on Rt 1 North and takes just over 20 minutes. The Essex Street Inn has parking spaces in the area behind the three buildings they own and additional overnight street parking on Essex Street and the surrounding neighborhood. On the day of my visit I found convenient parking just steps away from the door! Essex Street begins as a quiet residential street and intersects with State Street, home to a wide variety of shops, restaurants, banks, and even a local grocery store! The waterfront park, market square, and the Maritime Museum are all within walking distance and there are excellent parks and beaches close by!

areal newburyport essex street inn near willowdale estate topsfield ma (800x535)

You may be planning the perfect wedding weekend or a week-long business retreat; having a great location for your guests to stay is essential and we encourage you to visit Newburyport as a great option for accommodations near Willowdale Estate!

Discover Newburyport for yourself here: http://www.newburyport.com/

(All photos from Sarah Boucher with the exception of the final areal photo above from Newburyport.com)

Date: December 18th, 2015

Historic Details – Wedding Suite

The Wedding Suite at Willowdale serves as a popular spot for wedding parties to get their hair and makeup done, eat lunch and acts as a place of solace before the ceremony takes place. In addition to weddings, the suite can also be used for small meetings and break-space.  It has many large windows and plenty of comfortable seating options creating a bright and inviting environment.

Wedding event suite with rustic beams and chaise lounge at Willowdale Estate in Topsfield, MA www.willowdaleestate.com

Wedding hospitality suite event venue with colorful flowers at Willowdale Estate in Topsfield, MA www.willowdaleestate.com

Formally, this suite was Bradley Palmer‘s bedroom. In Bradley’s time, the north facing window presented the perfect view of the Ipswich River, but today the forest trees have blocked that view.

Historic estate wedding suite with large windows at Willowdale Estate in Topsfield, MA www.willowdaleestate.com

The south facing window of the suite faced the horse stables, which is now home to our unique dining room.

Wedding hospitality suite with makeup station and large windows at Willowdale Estate in Topsfield, MA www.willowdaleestate.com

The on-suite bathroom is quite large and evokes warm and bold details such as the multi-colored tile, ornate wallpaper and a grand bathtub that is elevated on a small platform in the middle of the room. The on-suite has the same layout when Bradley lived at the estate, but the original bathtub has been replaced.

Wedding venue on-suite with multi-colored tile, huge bathtub and decorative wallpaper at Willowdale Estate in Topsfield, MA www.willowdaleestate.com

If you liked these photos of our Wedding Suite check out our complete VENUE GUIDE for more information or visit us during one of our public events!

If you’re interested in learning more about weddings at Willowdale, please contact: info@willowdaleestate.com to hear from one of our Sales Managers!

If booking a corporate or social event is what you’re looking for, please contact our Corporate & Social Events Sales Manager, Noah Quist: noah@willowdaleestate.com

Photo credits from top:

Shane Godfrey Photography

Erin McGinn Photography

Kerri Lundberg, Marketing Coordinator at Willowdale Estate (2)

Shane Godfrey Photography

Date: July 24th, 2015

HISTORIC DETAILS: Windows of Willowdale

At Willowdale Estate we aim to host events that are easy to plan and impossible to forget. Besides offering great food and services, the historic details in our estate are one of the reasons why our venue leaves a lasting impression on guests at our weddings and events.


This past week we had over 50 guests in the house for two guided historic tours. A clear highlight of the tour is discovering the decorative leadlight windows set with small stained glass roundels throughout the home.

historic diamond leadlight window with oval stained glass at willowdale estate topsfield - weddings and events - willowdaleestate.com  Historic Lead Glass Window at Willowdale Estate Topsfield - Weddings and Events - willowdaleestate.com

These beautiful windows with both diamond and square leaded glass patterns were thought to be added sometime between 1920 and 1930. Each window panel features a symbolic scene representing different ideals, interests and insights on the original homeowner Bradley Webster Palmer who was an avid equestrian and businessman.

Leadlight Window With Horse Willowdale Estate Topsfield - Weddings and Events - willowdaleestate.com  Leaded Glass Window Lady With Goblet - Willowdale Estate Topsfield - Weddings and Events - willowdaleestate.com

If you’re looking for a unique and memorable location for a wedding, shower, meeting, or fundraiser let our inspiring space inspire your guests! Our next Historic House Tour will be on September 22nd– keep an eye out for more free public events on our Willowdale Events feed: http://willowdaleestate.com/signature-events/


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Lisa Rigby Photography: http://www.lisarigbyphotography.com/

Date: June 19th, 2015